“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect - they are much more interesting”
— Marc Jacobs



I've always had a love of DIY, crafting and anything that involves using my hands, especially anything related to the fibre arts. It all started with knitting when I was a university student trying to find some stress relief. Then shortly after I turned to weaving to help use up my leftover yarn and I haven't looked back since.


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Since we were young our love of thrifting, fleaing, and hunting for that perfect pair of jeans or that quirky vintage lamp has continued to grow and grow and grow... to a point that we have such a collection that we could fill many homes with unique finds. So instead of becoming hoarders we're offering up some of our favourite pieces.



We work closely with skilled artisans from across the world to design and create unique richly woven textile home decor products ranging from Moroccan poufs, Turkish kilim cushions, silk cactus cushions, and other exclusive products that can help you create a unique, warm and eclectic home layered with style.

photo by:  Jenna StCroix

photo by: Jenna StCroix

Our Story

Eric and I have always talked about one day opening our own store full of our favourite things. We would hum and haw and decide it was never the right time, but when will it ever be? After the birth of our son Thelonious I thankfully was able to stay home on maternity leave for 12 months (thank you Canada!) and during this time decided that it was now or never and Mohr Living was created! 

Mohr Living combines my love of textiles, vintage, and handmade artisan pieces with the hopes of creating an eclectic home that is truly one of a kind. 

We're a small operation. Working out of our London, Ontario home with our son and border collie mix, Palmer, I spend nights weaving, sewing, and creating and days are spent raising our son in between Instagram posts, marketing, emails, fulfilling orders and accounting. We really do it because we love it.

- Melissa