Silk Cactus Lumbar Pillow No. 10

Silk Cactus Lumbar Pillow No. 10


Beautiful lumbar sized Silk Cactus Pillow which is handwoven by artisans in Morocco.

Measures Approx. 38” x 20”

These stunning cushions are made using sustainable camel wool, vegetable dyes, and cactus silk. The leaves from Saharan Agave Cactus are harvested, hammered, and soaked to release fibers, then hand spun using traditional processes to make cactus silk. The silk is then combined with camel wool and handwoven on a loom to make cactus silk rugs that in turn are made into these vintage cushion covers.

*Please note: you are purchasing a handmade and unique vintage piece. Vintage textiles may show signs of age and wear such as repaired and unrepaired holes, fraying, fading, stains & spots, etc. These details are part of each textile’s unique history, beauty, character and value.

*First three pictures is of exact item you're purchasing. All other photos are of a demo product.

*Listing is for cover ONLY. Easily stuffed with polyfill or by purchasing a pillow insert located at numerous home stores.

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