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DIY Wallpaper - Wrapping Paper Hack

DIY Wallpaper - Wrapping Paper Hack


Materials Needed:

Wrapping Paper
Spray Adhesive


I should mention that I had already removed the old paper I had put on this unit, but this before is how the unit was purchased from IKEA. With this red back. The first time I applied wrapping paper to the back I held it on with packing tape, laid all over the top of the paper almost like a sealer. It worked well but it did give the paper a glossy sheen that reflected light and was a bit annoying. So, this time I wanted to avoid the gloss finish so I figured out how to apply the paper without tape on top.

Step One:

The first step is to measure your paper. I took the sheets and held them up to the space with the backside towards me so that I could make pencil marks where I want to start my cutting. I also very lightly creased the paper along the table edge.

Step Two:

Now it’s time to make your cuts. I took my ruler and measured along the crease with a pencil, making sure that my initial pencil marks lined up on each side of the paper. Then I cut along the pencil line with a nice sharp pair of scissors.

Step Three:

Next I applied the spray adhesive. I applied the spray directly to the back on the unit as opposed to the paper. I figured this would be a lot easier to work with and would avoid me sticking the paper to something else or even itself. I sprayed the entire back and then lined up my paper. You have a bit of time to work with it before the adhesive dries and you also can put the paper up and put it back down if needed, making it pretty easy to work with.

Step Four:

Next I took my ruler and pushed out any air bubbles between the paper and the back. This worked a lot easier than I even imagined and I ended up with pretty much no bubbles. The only time you might end up with a bubble is if you didn’t apply the spray adhesive enough or evenly. If there’s a spot that isn’t sticky it will obviously bubble and can’t be pushed out. In that case just pull back the paper a bit and spray the spot.


The Reveal:

There you have it! Wrapping paper applied like wallpaper. This could be easily applied to many things. Inside drawers, furniture, you could even try a small wall and if the spray adhesive scares you on a wall try double sided tape. Using wrapping paper is such an affordable way to transform a space. Much cheaper than any wallpaper and especially great if you think you want to change things up frequently.

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