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DIY Unique Triangle Fall Wreath

DIY Unique Triangle Fall Wreath


Materials Needed:

Dried or Faux Florals (choose a mix of textures and colours)
Glue Gun
Craft Wire (pictured are elastics but they ended up not being strong enough)
Dowel, stick, paint stir stick, or thin long piece of wood (not pictured as I decided on a triangle shape part way through, but this creates the shape)

As you can probably tell from the list of materials needed this wreath was a bit of a happy accident. I started off envisioning one thing but ended up with this cool triangle shaped wreath, and I love how it turned out! Follow along to find out how you can make one too.

Step One:

The first step is to choose one of your florals, most likely the largest piece, and bend it flat with roughly half of the flowers/foliage on each side.


Step Two:

Next do the same to the other pieces laying them on top or behind each other and bending them until you like the look of each flower placement.


Step Three:

Once you’re happy with the placement use your craft wire and wrap it around the center to hold the pieces together.

Step Four:

This is when I decided I wanted a triangle shape and realized it would need to be more solid to create that shape. I took two paint stir sticks, hot glued them together, and then hot glued the florals to them. You could also use a dowel or stick as long as there’s enough surface area to attach the rope at the end.


Step Five:

Next I removed some of the flowers and hot glued them to the center, covering wire and parts that looked too bare.

Step Six:

Now I attached the rope. I hot glued the rope onto each end of the wood back. Then I took craft wire and wrapped it around the rope and wood to give it extra grip. Make sure you measure and cut your rope to size before attaching. You can lay it on the floor and determine how much rope you need in order for the wreath to hang so low or high.

Step Seven:

After a few hours when I thought the glue had fully dried, I hung the wreath and played around with the arrangement one last time. Bending pieces into other places and gluing more flowers down where little bits stuck out that I wasn’t fond of.


The Reveal:

And voila! You have a one-of-a-kind triangle wreath to hang up. It would look lovely on a mantel or a front door. I plan to use mine on my fall front door and will reveal that to you soon. Don’t forget to tag me if you try this DIY! I’d love to see your creations.

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