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Front Door Makeover

Front Door Makeover


For years I’ve lived with the worlds worst front door. Mostly because I rent and share the door with my upstairs neighbour so I felt a bit guilty beautifying the space, however, enough was enough. I have been using my front step as a local pickup option for online orders from Mohr Living, and was feeling super ashamed when people came up to my steps. I mean just look at those before pictures! Not only was all the paint fading but it was covered in UPS label goop, old 3M hooks, a weird stain left behind from a wreath. It was bad, and I’m so glad I finally fixed it up.


The very first update is obviously that I painted the front door. I don’t know why I’m constantly shocked by the difference some paint can make but wow, what a difference! I used Beauti-Tone Signature Series Exterior Paint in Day Light from Home Hardware, but if you watch my Instagram stories you probably saw that this was not the original colour. Oh how I learn new things with every DIY. Did you know you should always take a paint chip out to natural light, especially if painting something that’s outdoors? Makes sense now, but definitely didn’t think about it then. I ended up with a blue so blue I should have moved the house to the sea side. Definitely not the right colour for our house. Thankfully it was very easy to go back to the hardware store and have them adjust the colour.

Next I added some new fun door mats. I loved the look of layered mats when I was searching for inspiration on Pinterest. I found the rectangular mat for a steal of a price on Wayfair and the lemon mat was from ASOS but unfortunately sold out. I did however find a similar one on Etsy and I saw one at Michaels. Then I added some new plants. Plants always make things better. I found the lavender topiary from my local grocery store, same with the succulents that I then planted in a gold gilded pot I DIYed years ago. I went with a colour theme with my florals this year so everything is pretty much purple and white.


I also spray painted all of the accessories glossy black and wow what a change! The old rusty mail boxes, the faded house numbers and the drab planters are now looking fabulous. I love using spray paint, it’s pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, and It dries so quickly. I do however, recommend spray painting any planters before planting in them, ha! I only decided to paint them after the fact so I used a piece of cardboard to protect the plants as I painted. It was a bit tricky but did work.

This makeover was so easy to do and very affordable. With all of the supplies and plants it cost me roughly $200. I’m also so excited to change up the decor pieces with each season and am now not at all ashamed to have someone come to my front door.

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