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A Renter's Hallway and Kitchen Makeover Reveal

A Renter's Hallway and Kitchen Makeover Reveal

It’s finally here, the kitchen and hallway reveal! It’s been an on-going project now since October. That’s 8 months, pretty crazy it took that long, but with a lot of life changes things like this don’t always go smoothly. A little real life for you all, haha. These home makeovers don’t actually get finished in just mere days like the Internet wants you to think. Anyway, I am so thrilled with how this turned out! We only spent a few hundred dollars (if you don’t count the cost of wallpaper, which we were graciously gifted) and the difference is just astounding! But don’t take my word for it, scroll the pictures below to see the before and after!


(click on right photo to slide over for more views)

The first wall I want to talk about is what we turned into an accent wall. At first, we were only going to paint the walls white (much like the rest of our home). But I had been so inspired by Pinterest to add a dark wall into my home, and after a friend offered me some leftover charcoal paint I just had to do it. And wow does it ever look spectacular! We finished the wall with a collection of vintage baskets that I sourced from various thrift stores, except that little fan came from a local store called Lofthouse Living.


The next wall includes the sink and dishwasher and is my favourite part of this makeover. Doesn’t it look amazing! Just check out that before picture in the grid above, and don’t forget to click on the right picture to see more views. Let’s start by talking about that back splash. We rent our space so there was no way I wanted to put a lot of money and effort into this makeover. That’s why I chose to use a stick on back splash. Honestly, I was terrified! Would this ever look like real tiles? But my goodness does it ever look good, even in person! I am so impressed. These tiles were purchased from WallPops.com but I have seen this brand at Home Depot. The next huge small update was this faucet. Huge because wow does it ever make a difference but small because it was so affordable. We got it off Amazon for $50 (watch for a price drop) and couldn’t be happier. It has a light to show the water temperature and we just love how easy this style is to clean all our dishes with. Our dishwasher broke part way through the makeover and so we got a new one. Except, since we rent, we didn’t get to choose and our stainless steel was replaced with an all white one: not pretty. But we used some leftover ColoRay Decor wallpaper to jazz it up! More info on how to install removable wallpaper is found here, and read on to hear more about the wallpaper below.


The next wall really didn’t have a lot going for it. An ugly plastic blind, all white fridge, but after a massive paint job, some cool removable wallpaper, and a gallery wall this wall is fantastic! Okay painting wood paneling is not for the weak. It took many coats and I really wasn’t into the farmhouse look where you could see noticeable cracks between the boards, so I meticulously painted each crack with a brush, and then used a foam roller to do the entire wall. 100% worth every hour, but it was definitely an undertaking. Then the wallpaper fridge you may remember from this former blog post. It took a bit of time and planning but is so much better than an ugly white fridge. I highly recommend you try it, especially as a renter. Lastly, the gallery wall was such an easy and cheap way to add colour to the space. I had my toddler son do the paintings (I chose the colour palette and let him go crazy) which was a win/win because he was entertained for a moment and I got wall art out of the deal. I then purchased frames from the Dollar store and voilá! a fun gallery wall.


The last wall in the kitchen features a lot of cabinets. I honestly am not a huge fan of the colour of these cabinets, but as a renter you sometimes have to work with what you’ve got. I would have loved to paint these, but my landlords didn’t want me to and they’ve been so good to us I clearly didn’t want to do anything to make them upset. I did however change up the old hardware with something a bit more modern, and it really did make the whole kitchen look so much sleeker and new. The new handles were purchased from Amazon and are very affordable. I also would have loved to go with a gold, copper, or even a black finish (especially if we had painted the wood), but all of the hinges were silver and I didn’t want to spend the time/money also changing those. This is why silver was the best choice. Working with what you have as a renter is very important even if it’s not your dream look.


The last part to our makeover was the tiny hallway/entryway that enters into our kitchen. It’s our most used entrance and was seriously horrible before! I mean just take a lot at that before picture. The horrible rug up the stairs, and those broken and hideous tiles. It was such a bummer to come home to every day. The first thing I knew I had to take care of was that floor so while I was purchasing the back splash I also checked out these stick on floor tiles and fell in love. They’re so easy to install (literally just sick on the existing floor, and if you have broken tiles like I did. Just remove the rest of the broken tile, and lay down a cheap one from the Dollarstore to even it out and then lay the good tile on top!). Next, we tackled the stairs. We bought this runner from Ikea for $30, ripped up the old carpet and just screwed this on into place, adding back on top the metal poles from the previous carpet to help keep it from moving. It was shockingly easy, although labour intensive for Eric who had to use brute strength to get up the old carpet. Lastly, a lot of paint (the same white as the walls in the kitchen, and the door and shoe cubby got the same charcoal as the kitchen accent wall) and the beautiful removable wallpaper from ColoRay Decor. If you didn’t read my previous blog post on it you should know that this wallpaper is just stunning. The quality is very evident and I love the fact that it’s removable. I saved the backing paper so that I can take it with me when we move, even though I doubt we’ll have a similar angled wall I’ll end up using it to back a book shelf or another smaller project.

There you have it! Our kitchen makeover that took 8 months. It certainly doesn’t need to take you that long, but I like the idea of not being in a rush to complete a project like this. Taking your time to find the right pieces to use, and not getting burn out from painting for hours on end, helps to keep the project interesting. I’m just really excited to start my next one! What that will be is still to be determined.

** Disclaimer: Please note I was gifted the wallpaper from ColoRay Decor for this post however all opinions are my own honest views.

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