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DIY Wallpaper Fridge Makeover

DIY Wallpaper Fridge Makeover


I guess you get to see a little sneak peak of the Kitchen Makeover today. Trust me, the final reveal could look much different. I still have many more ideas like trying to add some colour to the space, but I just had to share our fridge makeover. Pretty cool isn’t it? We used vinyl removable wallpaper from ColorRay Decor. It was pretty simple to do and has such an impact! A great way to hide your ugly fridge if you’re a renter or just don’t have the money to invest in a new one.

The first step is to “Measure twice, cut once” I’m sure you’ve heard that said before doing any kind of renovation or home DIY. But trust me you don’t want to make a mistake because it’s very difficult to go back once it’s cut. A really great feature with our ColoRay Decor removable wallpaper is that it came fit to size. I received two panels of paper one for the front and one for the side of my fridge. This made it much easier to fit and meant less measurements. For the measurements we did make we were very sophisticated (umm not, haha). We held the paper against the fridge and made small pencil marks where things like the handle were (note if you know how to remove your handle that’s obviously a much easier method, but seriously our fridge was impossible to figure out). After making our marks (and checking them twice!) we used our “meter stick” (table top, haha! I told you we were sophisticated) to draw out the cuts on the paper.

Next came cutting out our measurements. We used a combination of scissors and an exacto knife. I definitely recommend using the exacto as much as possible (and making sure it’s sharp!) as it makes the cleanest, straightest cuts. We did some of the cuts (like around where the handle would end up) before putting it up on the fridge and some came after (like make a cut down where the fridge door opens).

Then came applying the paper. Here is where you’ll need the most patience, but honestly it’s not as bad as you think and it’s very forgiving. This paper is meant to be reapplied so you can continuously pull it back if you need to get out air bubbles. A VERY helpful feature. Two tips for applying the paper are, one: Use a squeegee of some kind to help smooth and push out air bubbles. I wish I had a soft one, but ended up using a pastry tool, it has a sharper edge and so I did notice some colour come off the paper. By no means a lot, but if we’d used a soft squeegee we wouldn’t have seen any damage. Second, use the backing as a weight to help stop bubbles. You’ll figure out the perfect amount as you go, but I found leaving some of the backing on and slowly peeling it back as needed very helpful. The weight of the backing helped keep the paper taut and thus created fewer air bubbles.


There you have it! A super simple way to dress up your fridge that’s low cost and renter friendly. I promise to have the final kitchen and hallway reveal in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts soon.

** Disclaimer: Please note I was gifted this wallpaper from ColoRay Decor for this post however all opinions are my own honest views.

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