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Knitting and Mohr Living's First KAL (Knit-along)

Knitting and Mohr Living's First KAL (Knit-along)

It has been far too long since I blogged and I’m hoping to change that now Theo’s in daycare two days a week. I want to start off by talking about my knitting, which I haven’t really mentioned much in my social accounts for some time. Knitting has always been a big stress relief for me, but after having Theo I kept telling myself I didn’t have time for it. And surprise surprise my stress levels and anxiety just kept growing until my doctor diagnosed me with Postpartum Anxiety. One of the ways I’m hoping to reduce my anxiety levels is by taking up knitting again. Which brings us to this moment, my first KAL (Knit-along) with you, my readers and friends.


What is a KAL?

A KAL is an interactive way to knit a pattern. Together we will knit the same pattern following roughly the same time line of completion. Some may knit faster, some slower, but ideally we all try to keep on the same pace as it’s really about taking the time to enjoy the process and also a way to pick up new tricks and techniques from our fellow knitters. We will also share photos, comments, videos and maybe even a virtual cup of tea with one another.


Why do a KAL?

I love the idea of a KAL to help pick up new techniques from fellow knitters, but I also want to be able to make connections, friendships, and build on friendships already made. Working on the same pattern we will have something to connect us. Also, it’s great stress relief knitting! I like the idea of being held accountable, making me take that time for myself and knitting since there will be a schedule. Sometimes I need that forced me time, especially being a mom.

The First KAL

For our very first KAL we will be knitting the pattern “A Time To Reap” By Melissa Schaschwary. It can be purchased through Ravelry here. It was chosen through a poll on my Instagram account and I hope you all like it. I think they’re the perfect mitts to get us through spring. For the KAL we will be doing a group message on Instagram so send me a message over on @MohrLivingMama and I will add you in. The thread will start on Monday, March 18 but the schedule for knitting will go as follows:

April 1: Cast-on Day!

April 2: Start the Cuff

April 9: Sleeve

April 16: Thumb Gusset

April 18: Top Edging

April 25: Thumb

April 27: Done First Mitt

April 27-May 13: Knit second mitt.

May 13: Finishing Techniques

May 15: Done!

I hope to see you in the group and for those who might not know how to knit yet but want to get involved I’m hoping to start a beginner series very soon. Just trying to work out the logistics. Happy Knitting!

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