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A Renter's Hallway and Kitchen Makeover

A Renter's Hallway and Kitchen Makeover


I’m so excited to get this hallway and kitchen makeover underway and wanted to share with all of you my vision. Mostly because I know it’s going to take me a long while to actually complete the project and didn’t want to lose you all part way through. Haha! This way at least we’ll be able to envision the finished product together.

1) Subway Tile back-splash. I’ve been loving this look for a while now, but as a renter I didn’t want to invest a lot of money. So, I purchased THESE tiles and hope they won’t look too fake/tacky. It’s definitely the part I’m most on the fence about, but if it doesn’t work out I have a back up plan.

2) I really wanted to change up our hook for hanging coats since the hallway is at our most used entrance. I’ve been super obsessed with accordion hooks for years but somehow never was able to thrift one. I was planning to use THIS one but lo and behold did manage to thrift one.

3/4) So my initial plan was to keep this under $500 but I was able to collaborate with ColoRay Decor and I couldn’t pass up their beautiful removable wallpapers. That said this makeover is still 100% renter friendly just slightly above my initial cost estimate. I am using this beautiful branch mural in the hallway and that black triangle paper is going on our fridge! Can’t wait to show you guys more.

5) The wall behind our stove is going to be painted charcoal with chalkboard paint. You guys actually inspired me to do this and I’m so excited! Especially for the quiet time I envision while Theo sits and colours all over the wall. Okay “quietly” is a dream. Image Source

6) A inspiration shot of white ship lap wall. I’m so excited to paint the kitchen walls white and have way less wood EVERYWHERE. Image Source

7) I purchased THESE peel and stick tiles along with the back splash and they will replace the horrible flooring in the entry way. Can’t wait!

8) Lastly, I purchased THIS faucet and THESE knobs on Amazon. Both extremely affordable and probably not the best quality. But as a renter that’s not my main concern because who knows how long I’ll be here. I would have loved to do black or gold hardware, but since we weren’t allowed to touch the cabinets and they have large silver hinges I’m stuck with what we had to work with.

And there you have it, our inspiration. I’m so excited to share the process with you all. Honestly, it won’t be done overnight. Life with a toddler, Eric and I both work, plus Eric is doing online courses, just means we’ll have to slowly enjoy the transformation, but I’m hoping we can share updates along the way.

Want to see the scary before pictures? Scroll below. Note I didn’t clean or take the photos in nice lighting. Nor did I edit them well. Have to make the before look as scary as possible, ha!

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